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Behind the scenes of television news (2005)

Lights, camera, action! Pretty exciting, right? You bet! It seemed like the perfect career for me. The performer in me always loved the “Let’s put on a show” part of broadcast news. I wanted to capture that when I was Communications Director for my sons’ elementary school in Edmonds, WA. I brought my camcorder to work at KIRO-TV back in 2005 and got the help of my pal, Steve Raible, who played talent. Here is the result of a few hours of tape and my Adobe Premiere Pro editing software at home. I have some follow up thoughts below the player, but watch the video now! YouTube Poster

Remember, that was written for elementary students!

Wow, a lot has changed since this was produced. Many of the positions that I called out in that video have been eliminated by “technological improvements.” Positions like the Sound Operator, Technical Director, and many of the Camera Operators have been let go. Help me out in the comment section below if I miss any.  It was also a little heartbreaking seeing a few friends who have since passed away (miss you Bryan and Derik).

It’s been eight years, but I still consider the folks shown in this video family. It was the people I worked with that kept me coming back to the station(s) for nearly 20 years. I’ll write about what motivated me to leave the business another time, but I will end this post with this thought:

Hiring managers, you will NEVER find more hard-working people than broadcast journalists!


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