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Alumni donation begging out of control?

wsu-picI’m proud to be a Washington State University alumni! But. When you’re having students call about making donations to the alumni organization please empower them to leave the script when appropriate. As I told the sweet sophomore woman studying communications who called me last night, I am between jobs right now, and no, I can’t donate $200 to the school. Maybe next time. She offered consolations about my job situation. Then she continued to sell… Me: Hmm? What’s that? Yes, I know how great W.S.U. is and how it really needs alumni support. But no. Sorry, I can’t donate at the $125 level. Remember, I’m not currently working. Ahh, what? Oh yes. I agree the school of communications does turn out first class talent, but no. Sorry. I can’t donate at the $75 level either. Remember? I told you just a few moments ago I got laid off? Oh you completely understand? Good. Thanks. What? No, I didn’t know members can take advantage of benefits, discounts, programs, and other services. But again, no. Sorry. I can’t donate at the $35 dollar level either. I am unemployed. No money is coming in. Can’t help ya. Good luck at school. <click>

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