Late night sweeps piece fills next day’s news hole

11promoI was watching the Five O’clock News with my teenaged son and in the middle of a commercial break a super-nifty pre-produced promo runs proclaiming a “must watch story” new tonight at 11pm. I was shocked to hear from my son’s mouth, “Cool story, but we can just wait and watch it tomorrow at 5.” Either he’s clearly tainted by my influence, or the jig is up news managers, the audience KNOWS! Either way it’s scary!

Behind the scenes of television news (2005)

Lights, camera, action! Pretty exciting, right? You bet! It seemed like the perfect career for me. The performer in me always loved the “Let’s put on a show” part of broadcast news. I wanted to capture that when I was Communications Director for my sons’ elementary school in Edmonds, WA. I brought my camcorder to work at KIRO-TV back in 2005 and got the help of my pal, Steve Raible, who played talent. Continue reading