Alumni donation begging out of control?

wsu-picI’m proud to be a Washington State University alumni! But. When you’re having students call about making donations to the alumni organization please empower them to leave the script when appropriate. As I told the sweet sophomore woman studying communications who called me last night, I am between jobs right now, and no, I can’t donate $200 to the school. Maybe next time. She offered consolations about my job situation. Then she continued to sell… Me: Hmm? What’s that? Yes, I know how great W.S.U. is and how it really needs alumni support. But no. Sorry, I can’t donate at the $125 level. Remember, I’m not currently working. Ahh, what? Oh yes. I agree the school of communications does turn out first class talent, but no. Sorry. I can’t donate at the $75 level either. Remember? I told you just a few moments ago I got laid off? Oh you completely understand? Good. Thanks. What? No, I didn’t know members can take advantage of benefits, discounts, programs, and other services. But again, no. Sorry. I can’t donate at the $35 dollar level either. I am unemployed. No money is coming in. Can’t help ya. Good luck at school. <click>

2 thoughts on “Alumni donation begging out of control?

  1. I’m proud to have graduated from Ohio State Univeristy.
    When they come around asking for alumni alms my warm feelings about the institution tempt me to chip in. But I can’t help recalling how many times tuition and fees were raised while I attended. And how much money was lavished on Football and Basketball while the oscilloscopes in the EE labs remained ancient and halfway broken. Then suddenly I don’t feel particularly generous any more.

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